Metal cleaning and polishing of
Muratori Sergio
The evolution of quality



We polish and glaze products of different materials, from stainless steel to aluminium, brass and iron, which find application not only in the navigation, lighting, and furnishing sectors, but also in households appliances, nuts and bolts, etc.

Since many years, we have become leaders in the restoration of metal accessories in vintage cars and motorbikes, that after our processing return to their original splendour.

Out of sheer passion for the ancient traditions, we still have specific machineries for the polishing of old copper furnishings and household objects, like cauldrons, bed warmers, and the like.

Despite our modern technology, our manufactures can be considered handicraft products, because we finish and control them one by one with the highest care.

On request, we also do chrome-plating and aluminium anodization.


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